Changelog for Visual xHarbour

2009-05-19 00:00 UTC-0800 Augusto Infante <augusto.infante at>
* Library\source\Control.prg
!Fixed property SmallCaption
* Library\source\DataBase.prg
-Removed property SmallCaption
* Library\source\NotifyIcon.prg
!Fixed Icon initialization and instance setting
+Added support for multiple components
* Library\source\Picture.prg
-Removed property SmallCaption value override
* Library\source\Splitter.prg
* Library\source\ToolStrip.prg
!Fixed property SmallCaption initialization since they will never have one
* Library\source\Window.prg
+Added internal BackgroundImage "Type" property
!Fixed image loading from resource at runtime
!Fixed saving BackgroundImage value to xfm