New Visual xHarbour BETA release v1.0 build 164


A new 1.0.164 BETA build for Visual xHarbour has been released today.

This new release is available for all customers with an active Update & Service Subscription and can be downloaded form your personal account or via this direct link:
Make sure you go to the bottom of the page to the BETA section.

A detailed list of what’s new is available here:

Please take note that you need latest xHarbour Builder BETA release for this new Visual xHarbour build.

For support on Visual xHarbour, please use our VXH-Support newsgroup at news://

Thank you for your support!


Changelog for Visual xHarbour

2009-08-17 00:00 UTC-0800 Augusto Infante <>
* IDE\Source\Vxh6.prg
* Moved FreeImage to VXH_PROFESSIONAL version
* Library\sourceC\LoadPic.c
* Library\sourceC\WinUtil.c
* Cleanup
* Library\source\CommonDialogs.prg
+ OpenFileDialog: Added support for array type "Filter" i.e.
{  { "Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (*.bmp)", "*.bmp;" },;
{ "Dr. Halo (*.cut)",               "*.cut;" } }
* Library\source\FreeImage.prg
+ Added support for resource images saved in IDE
+ Added LoadResource( cName, cType ) type is the file extension
+ Added LoadFromString( cString ) for usage in database fields
* Moved FreeImage to VXH_PROFESSIONAL version
* Library\source\Picture.prg
* Cleanup
* Library\source\System.prg
+ Added property FreeImageFormats (Array)