New Visual xHarbour BETA release v2.0 build 189


A new 2.0.189 BETA build for Visual xHarbour has been released today.

This new release is available for all customers with an active Update & Service Subscription and can be downloaded form your personal account or via this direct link:
Make sure you go to the bottom of the page to the BETA section.

A detailed list of what’s new is available here:

Please take note that you need latest xHarbour Builder BETA release for this new Visual xHarbour build.

For support on Visual xHarbour, please use our VXH-Support newsgroup at news://

Thank you for your support!


Changelog for Visual xHarbour

2009-09-27 00:00 UTC-0800 Augusto Infante <>
* IDE\Source\Vxh1.prg
+ Added Color scheme to TabControls
! Fixed background color in main tab
* IDE\Source\Vxh2.prg
+ Optimized control selection
! Fixed bug selecting control when app is not active
! Fixed RTE selecting not UI object (like Application) this also fixes
the problem chaning the size of a form and not being able to save it
this was caused by the IDE thinking the active object is the Application.
! Cleanup
* IDE\Source\Vxh3.prg
! Fixed selection band to not to draw on inactive app
* Replaced bold selection rubber band with single dotted line (VS)
! Fixed RTE trying to draw selection on non-UI objects
* IDE\Source\Vxh4.prg
+ Added support for color schemes to Object Manager
* IDE\Source\Vxh6.prg
* IDE\Source\Vxh9.prg
* Library\source\ComboBox.prg
! Fixed selection change to update selected object in form or unselect
if object is non-UI
* Library\source\Application.prg
* Library\source\TabControl.Prg
+ Added TabBrush property to assign a color when tab page is NOT an object
and TabControl is FLAT.
- Removed hardcoded scheme color
* Library\source\ToolStrip.prg
+ Released ToolStrip movement (still work in progress)
* Library\source\Window.prg
! Fixed FUNCTION __Draw3DRect to accept Pen handles instead of colors
+ Added 5th lPen to tell the fuction the parameters ARE handles.