Changelog for Visual xHarbour

2009-12-22 00:00 UTC-0800 Augusto Infante <>
* Library\source\Edit.Prg
! Fixed ContextArrow to display menu in correct position
! Fixed ContextArrow and ContextMenu assignment to refresh client size
+ Added ImageIndex property to display on the right
+ Added OnImageClick event that triggers when the Image is clicked
! Fixed ContextArrow to work together with OnImageClick
* Library\source\Menu.prg
! Fixed Menu:Context() to return selection position
* Library\source\Window.prg
! Fixed memory leak destroying menu

Changelog for xHarbour Builder

2009-12-21 15:50 UTC-0450 Ron Pinkas <Ron in>
* xBuild[W].exe
+ Added OleDialog.lib and version.lib to ::C_Libs