Changelog for Visual xHarbour

* Fixed IntelliSense to include only VXH published properties and methods including newly created objects. Optimized Settings dialog with latest changes to TabControl.

* CRITICAL: Fixed PROPERTY definition to not to define IDE level IVARS at runtime.

* Fixed CTRL+S not working.
* Added “Add Existing Form”, “Build” (F4) and “Link” options to Project menu.
* Fixed “New” button’s DropDown state.
* Fixed ObjectManager Background color.
* Fixed IDE docking based on latest fixes to docking system.
* Fixed ObjectManager beeping when hitting space bar to change a CheckBox state.
* Optimized ObjectManager to retrieve the original default value from property definition.

* Added API SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime() and FileTimeToLocalFileTime() see MSDN.
* Fixed GPF causing function DrawThemeBackground()’a aClip parameter.
* Fixed memory leak in function FileTimeToSystemTime().
* Added API InternetOpenUrl() see MSDN.
* Fixed memory leak in function FTPCommand()

* Fixed Application:TitleBackColorActive to show under “Colors” in Object Manager.
* Fixed RTE selecting Application object in Object Explorer.
* Fixed bug in Button class where the button remained highlighted after mouse left the area.
* Optimized Enable/Disable for all controls to force OS to change its state right away (speed up).
* Fixed RTE trying to set a BackgroundImage on a Custom Control.

* CRITICAL fixes to DataGrid:
* Standardized Column, Image and Header ALIGNMENT to be Left, Right, Center.
* Fixed FreezeColumn to PAINT the portion of image and/or Representation that is not HIDDEN.
* Added support for Multi-Line Headers.
* Fixed Image position based on ImageAlignment and HeaderAlignment.
* Optimized data drawing.
* Fixed CheckBox Representation position based on column alignment.
* Fixed Focus dotted rectangle based on ShowSelectionBorder and ShowSelection.
* Fixed Column BackColor and ForeColor not showing Color ComboBox.
* Fixed bug initializing default column Back/ForeColor.

* Fixed speed problem on modal dialogs trying to load controls from a non-defined template.
* Fixed Font memory leak when initializing the object or re-creating the handle.
* Optimized FTPClient class, added property TransferType (Binary, ASCII) and methods Command() and GetFileData() (returns array {Name,Size,Attr,Date,Time}.
* Fixed method GetDirectory() timestamp to match the server’s based on local timezone settings.
* Added parameter lDisabled to ImageList:DrawIndirect( hDC, nIndex, x, y, xBmp, yBmp, lDisabled )to allow painting disabled images.
* Added System:CurrentScheme:MenuBackground color definition to fix pinkish MenuStrip background color.

* CRITICAL fixes to TabControl and TabStrip:
* Optimized painting by retrieving Theme handler from ::System instead of creating a new one.
* Fixed GPF trap and bug assigning EnableThemeDialogTexture() when it only applies to its pages.
* Optimized Hide/Show pages to go straight to windows API.
* REMOVED Duplicated OnPaint() process already being done in class Window and causing HUGE SPEED PROBLEMS.
* Overridden BackgroundImage painting for inactive Theme pages.
* Fixed TabPage Theming property to apply directly to TabPages and fixed right most pixel

* Fixed MenuStripItem distance between Text and ShourtcutText.
* Fixed RTE selecting MenuStripItem from Object Explorer.
* CRITICAL: Optimized OnSize() to trigger OnParentSize() ONLY for Docked controls.
* Moved WM_FOCUS event to method OnSetFocus().
* Fixed Dock:Margin to only add the difference between the margin and a splitter.
* CRITICAL: Fixed method MoveWindow() adding 10 pixels at runtime when it should only do it in design mode.

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