Changelog for Visual xHarbour

* Fixed Editor problem not focusing itself after closing the find window.
* Fixed RTE in editor trying to save a BAK file.
* Replaced Labels “RightAlign” with “Alignment” and all possible options.
* Fixed IDE Main window problem saving the Font property.
* Fixed form designer bug setting AutoClose.
* Fixed bug in Object manager assigning list of database drivers.
* Fixed API function GetProcessMemory() to return memory from current thread.
* Added function IsRegistered() to know if a window class has already been registered and speed up the form creation process.
* Fixed memory leak in ScreenToClient().
* Fixed memory leak in GetProfileString().
* Fixed memory leak in GetPrivateProfileString().
* Fixed CheckBox drawing issue.
* Fixed CommonDialogs to assign themselves to their font object.
* Removed obsolete property DisableParent.
* Fixed DataTable RTE calling OrdKeyRelPos().
* Fixed RTE in DataGrid getting the list of fields available from the DataSource.
* Fixed memory leak in modal forms not releasing the assigned font handle.
* Fixed bug in modal forms not creating based on a resource template. This fixes IDE OLE dialog.
* Fixed memory leak in ComboBox.
* Fixed Memory leak in CommonDialogs.
* Fixed Components to clean up Owner and release memory.
* Fixed DataTable Font owner to be cleaned up when object destroyes and so release the control.
* Fixed RTE in Drawing:GetTextExtentPoint32 accessing a control when it’s being destroyed.
* Fixed Drawing:Destroy() to close the right device context if it was still inside OnPaint().
* Fixed DataGrid:Columns mem leak not releasing font resources.
* Fixed Painting problems in EditBox and fixed typo fromn previous release.
* Changed Font Parent with Owner to enhance cleaning upon owner closing up.
* Fixed bug in Font:Destroy() not clearing its owner font if handle was still alive.
* Fixed Font:GetPointSize to use a faster API.
* Fixed Label painting to use a faster and cleaner approach especially when having many of
them on a form.
* Fixed ListBox memory leak cleaning the dropdown list callback pointer.
* Fixed MaskEdit problem focusing after validation.
* Reworked MaskEdit validation process and created a new __Validate() method.
* Fixed MenuItems to pass themselves as owner to the font object.
* Fixed bug in TabOrder property not initializing as 0.
* Fixed Form memory leak not clearing the pointer in Application object.
* Fixed bug auto-creating property names for objects without a window handle (components).
* Fixed CoolBar to pass the owner to the font object.
* Fixed memory leak in RichTextEdit not releasing the callback pointer.
* Fixed memory leak in Splash control releasing the callback while still inside of itself.
* Fixed memory leak in System:GetProcMemory().
* Added new System:hWindowTheme to optimize painting windows borders especially in form designer.
* Fixed TabControl:TabPage visibility when hiding/showing tabs.
* Fixed ToolStrip bug painting without having a valid DC active.
* Fixed ToolStripItems destruction not updating the ToolStrip correctly.
* Fixed ToolStrip OnSize to update all ToolStripItems correctly.
* Fixed bug in TreeViewItem assigning an imageList index.
* Fixed massive memory leak in all controls and forms not releasing the callback pointer at the correct time.
* Fixed Form resource memory leak not releasing font handle correctly.
* Fixed Docking system to use window handle instead of object and speed up the process.
* Fixed GPF changing a Form style when handle was still alive.
* Optimized entire event execution process.
* Fixed bug obtaining ClientWidth and ClientHeight from the OnSize event.
* Fixed Form:AutoClose property bug.
* Fixed Form destruction to clear all assigned as property controls correctly.
* Fixed OnClose event not being executed properly.
* Fixed EventHandler to execute OnUser only if message id is lower than WM_APP beyond that is used by VXH and up to 49151 and beyond that by Windows OS.
* Fixed bug updating parent size from a from. Only child controls should update their parent size when showing.
* Optimized docking system by using a faster way to obtain controls coordinates.
* Fixed Docking system to release all assigned objects when control is destroying.
* Fixed form memory leak not being able to release its callback procedure.
* Fixed Form BackgroundImnage not repainting correctly when resizing.

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