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It has been a loooong time! ;-)

So, what have we been doing all that time? First, we have been testing and building many many internal beta builds of xHarbour Builder, Visual xHarbour, SQLRDD and many other xHarbour Builder add ons.

Visual xHarbour has been growing every day. Bug fixes, new control’s, faster an better IDE, the new VXH has it all! If you like to see the changes in detail, please go to our blog pages at http://www.xHarbour.com/blog/?cat=20

Next in line; SQLRDD. I worked with Marcelo and Luiz closely together to get the new SQLEX RDD more stable and even faster! SQLEX is the FASTER version of SQLRDD, and oh yes, FAST it is! I personally use SQLEX on my company’s projects and it fly’s! If you’d like to know, I use PostgreSQL as my database server. Why? It just fitted MY usages the best.

Don’t want to make this post too long, so, for all of you who want to see all the changes in xHarbour Builder in detail, please go to our changelog blog file at http://www.xHarbour.com/blog/?cat=11

Next stop; http://www.xHarbour.com
We totally redesigned our web site. Build it from the ground up, gave it a new fresh design and here you go, the new http://www.xHarbour.com was born! Two major rewrites still needs to be done; xHDN (Developers network) and xHC (Community pages). These will be the next in line for a rewrite.
The new website now also offers PayPal for your payment option for al you purchases done from our web shop. This should make your shopping experience even more smoothly! ;-)

I started to upload xHarbour Builder’s newest BETA, June2010, build 628 for Windows and Linux. It includes all latest fixes and enhancements from xHarbour.org’s and xHarbour.com’s CVS. You can start downloading these beta’s from your personal xHarbour.com account at http://www.xHarbour.com/Login

These downloads are available for all users with a active Update & Service Subscription. If your Update & Service Subscription has expired and you want to extend it, please goto your personal account at http://www.xHarbour.com/Login

Ok, thats it for now ;-)
If you have any non technical question, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. For all technical questions, please use one of our support NG’s.

Thank you for all your support!


New Job opening


We have a new job opening for a full time xHarbour programmer. More details are on our Jobs web page at http://www.xHarbour.com/Jobs

Please email the contact person for the job offering you are interested in.



Merry xMas!


The entire team at xHarbour.com would like to wish all you xHarbour users a very Happy Holidays (whichever you’re observing).

As we celebrate our 7th anniversary in 2010 we’re looking forward to another exciting year for xHarbour.com, with more new features in the pipeline and of course new builds of xHarbour Builder, Visual xHarbour, SQLRDD&SQLEX and all the other xHarbour goodies. Lets us try to make 2010 yet another great xHarbour year!

Whatever you’re doing today, enjoy yourselves and thank you for being a part of the xHarbour community!

The xHarbour.com team

New www.VisualxHarbour.com


I know… Its about time Visual xHarbour got its own webspace! So, now.. it has!

Not yet finished but I thought is was important to put the new web site online already because the "Movie" section in the "Documentation" page is ready to be used. I know it does not do more than just list the movies we have already and play them. But since we are way behind on documentation I think its important to just SHOW what we already have. Movies shows you so much stuff thats possible in Visual xHarbour.

We will be continue working to get this web site 100% done, for sure! But need to release build 216 of Visual xHarbour now so, back to work! ;-)

In the meantime, please enjoy Visual xHarbour’s new webspace at http://www.VisualxHarbour.com

Thank you all for your patience and support!


Database in memory?


"How can I use a temporary database that resides in memory?" is a question I got today. Well, this is not yet possible with current xHarbour Builder. However, there IS a contribution RDD extension in xHarbour that CAN just do that, create and use a database that resides in memory. No file on the hard drive whatsoever! ;-)

How is this done? Very simple actually! Just add "mem:" before the filename and make sure you REQUEST HB_MEMIO. This is a sample that creates, use’s, index and filters a database in memory: Read the rest of this entry »

New xHarbour builder November 2009 Released


Let me first tell you we appreciate your ongoing support for xHarbour! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
And now for the announcement.. ;-)
We are very happy to announce the new xHarbour Builder November 2009 release.

This new xHarbour Builder stable release includes all fixes and enhancements from xHarbour.org up to CVS revision 6633. Also included is a new, slimmer and faster Visual xHarbour version 2.0 with new Custom Controls, FreeImage component, Resource Manager and much much more.
Also included in this new release is a new and faster SQLRDD and the brand new "SQLRDD Extreme Edition" (SQLEX), a evolutionary version of SQLRDD. A FAQ page about SQLEX can be found here: http://www.xHarbour.com/SQLEX
More detailed info on whats new can be found here on our blog pages.

Needless to say this release was made possible by the awesome contributions, provided by the unique group of xHarbour’s Developers. A big THANK YOU to all these developers!

xHarbour Builder November 2009 is available NOW for all customers with an active Update & Service Subscription plan, and for immediate delivery with new purchases. You can check your Update & Service Subscription online at http://www.xHarbour.com/Login Please support xHarbour by keeping your Update & Service Subscription active. Thank you for that!

A demo version is available from http://www.xHarbour.com/DEMO . Demo users are invited to our xHarbour Builder Demo technical support News Group at news://news.xHarbour.com/xHarbour.Builder.DEMO Remember, your feedback is VERY important to us!

Note to all users:
As with every new stable release, we recommend recompiling ALL your PRG code with any new release.

Please report all your experiences with the software to one of the the newsgroups at news://news.xHarbour.com . If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be pleased to provide you with any assistance you may need.

Thank you ALL for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy using xHarbour Builder as your programming tool of choice.


donate for free.xHarbour.com


We have thought very hard on this. What can we do to keep free.xHarbour.com FREE, as in, no need to pay for the services free.xHarbour.com offers. Well, one thing was Adds, so we added Google Adds. Works well, but the earnings? Lots of penny’s ;-)

So, lets try a different approach, or better, add a secondary approach. Next to the Google Adds, we also added a Donate button. Clicking on this button will bring you to PayPal’s official donate web page. So, if you feel we deliver a good job on free.xHarbour.com and you wanne let us know, please click on the Donate button and donate any kind of sum you wish. From a penny to triple digit donations are allowed! ;-)

Thank you for your support!


xHarbour sources


Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t ;-)

We are automating our download web pages on xHarbour.com’s account pages so it will be so much easier for us to release an update. That’s why you guys see a bug from time to time for a non working links etc.. I’m sorry for this, but once the system is set up, all will be so smoooooth.. ;-))

We now added the ZIP’ed xHarbour.org source file for the new BETA builds. It’s below the link of the BETA builds on your personal download page in your personal xHarbour.com account.

Once the engine of the automated downloads is done we can start to update the xHarbour.com web pages. So, lotsa works on this side! ;-)

Thank you for your support, and thank you for your patience while we update our system.


New Visual xHarbour BETA release delayed


A new Visual xHarbour build has been delayed for a few days. Build 1.0.151 has been removed from xHarbour.com for now. We are working on a next stable releaseĀ  which will be released as soon as its stable.

Thank you for your support!


New Visual xHarbour BETA release v1.0 build 148


A new 1.0.148 BETA build for Visual xHarbour has been released today.

This release fixes a nasty CoolMenu bug and is available for all xHarbour.com customers with an active Update & Service Subscription and can be downloaded form your personal xHarbour.com account or via this direct link: http://be.kz/VXH-Download-1.0.148
Make sure you go to the bottom of the page to the BETA section.

A detailed list of what’s new is available here:

Please take note that you need latest xHarbour Builder BETA release for this new Visual xHarbour build.

For support on Visual xHarbour, please use our VXH-Support newsgroup at news://news.xHarbour.com/beta.vxh

Thank you for your support!